AAPG Datapages adds South East Asia Petroleum Exploration Society to DEO

The SEAPEX collection contains data from Alaska to New Zealand, with pockets of information in the North Sea and Africa. However, the bulk of data contains deep water, shallow water and on shore oil and gas-related information for Southeast Asia.

Formations and geological features include: the Deepwater Sandakan Basin, Philippines; the Kebabangan Gas Field, Malaysia; Andaman Basin, India; Mannar Basin, Sri Lanka; Central Nam Con Son Basin, Vietnam; Moluccas, Eastern Indonesia; Malay Basin, Offshore West Malaysia; Surma Basin, Bangladesh; Taranaki Basin, New Zealand.

The collection spans 1974 – 2015 and contains over 2,395 maps and 2,259 section locations. All georeferenced maps and sections from the collection are available for immediate download from Datapages Exploration Objects™ (DEO). Each has been geo-referenced (with lat./long. values assigned) and is delivered with industry-standard GIS attribution and metadata.

Founded in 1973, the South East Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX) is an AAPG Affiliated Societyand an AAPG Datapages Archives and DEO Content Partner. For more information on SEAPEX, visit the society’s website: www.seapex.org


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